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About Us

Reference checking is a valuable tool in the recruitment process. We are the clear market leader specialising in Australian reference check services. Typically our competitors are mixed service providers that are expensive, inherently biased, inconvenient and expensive to use. RecruitCheck addresses this gap in the market by providing dedicated reference checking services at an affordable price.

Our Services

RecruitCheck has been developed to be an online provider of pre-employment reference checking services, primarily focused on the Australian market.  RecruitCheck is designed to provide employers with an uncomplicated option for outsourcing their reference checking requirements.

Why Use RecruitCheck?

RecruitCheck offers employers the following:
- Fast & Efficient service- Service is conducted by trained staff
- Standardised and independent reference checking
- All reference checks are made personally
- International reach
- Easy & simple to use


RecruitCheck combines the advantages of an online portal for customers with the benefits of internationally-staffed delivery hubs.  Employers can easily access and place orders via our website.  All reference checks are conducted in-person, by trained professionals using a standardised format.