What Matters In A Reference/Recruitment Check?

Recruitment Check

A reference check is all about making sure that you are working with the right employees. There is no dearth of good employees in the HR sector. However, you would always lack the 'right employees' that understand your business model, their job responsibilities and identify with the overall goals of the business. This is necessary for every employer and you have the right to look for such employees. A good addition to your typical hiring process would be a recruitment check. This is a simple exercise that helps you in exploring the background of your prospective employee and find out his entire work and life history. Don't worry, this is not illegal or banned and you would not be violating the privacy of any person while doing a recruitment check.

A recruitment check is more than simply looking for references for a prospective employee. It would help you know about his employment background, the way he has worked before, the kind of employee he has been etc. These are some specific questions that would be based mostly on the working style of the prospective employee. However, a recruitment check would be diving deep into the history of the employee and checking his qualifications, his license to work (which may be important in some jobs), medical records and sometimes even some criminal records. This can prove to be one of the most important exercises that you would be doing while hiring a new talent for your organization.

In general, the good faith of the candidate matters a lot in recruitment check. Has the employee been honest about his past employments, his work schedule, his job responsibilities and even his paycheck? Should you be thinking twice before making any decisions related to this employee because of a bad work report from a previous manager? Should you be taking the risk of hiring someone who doesn't possess the appropriate licenses for the jobs that he has to perform? All these are questions that are appropriately answered only when you opt for a recruitment check. Some people believe that it would be a long and tiring process that would increase the burden of hiring costs for their organization. However, you must know that there are a number of recruitment check companies around that would help you do this work with ease and would also ensure a lesser cost of hiring. You must always chose with care.